Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My new story is up at FunDza!

I have been deathly quiet on the blog, in part because I've started a new job not in publishing and in part because I was prepping for Frankfurt Book Fair where I spoke about my job at Puku and (what else) children's books.

The other thing I did recently was write a story for FunDza Literary Trust, an organisation that I really admire and love. It was so much fun getting to write for them and it has been amazing to see so many of the FunDza fans get genuinely caught up in the story. I'm saving all those lovely comments for a rainy day...

Anyway, if you want to read my story, you can find it here. It's called 'What the Water Gave Us' - a reference to my story but also to a Florence and the Machine song because why not?

What the Water Gave Us

Author: Bontle Senne
Genre: Human Drama
Publisher: FunDza Literacy Trust

Lindi is a normal teenage girl, except for one thing: she can see ghosts. She’s been secretly hunting down evil spirits and saving people for as long as she can remember. But now someone knows her secret. Lindi has to find out who is threatening to expose her – before it’s too late.

Happy reading kids!