Monday, June 10, 2013

Interview with SA Partridge over at Puku

There's an immense and untapped resource in local writers, illustrators and storytellers and that Puku should be doing all we can to promote their work and raise their profile. That you can't really get anyone to pay attention to you or your work without a publicist is kind of a shame. I think it probably gets even worse when you are self-published or otherwise with a very small publishing house.

Nonetheless, Puku will now run an interview with a writer, illustrator or storyteller every Monday starting today with SA Partridge. I've already received so many of them so I'm doing a little happy dance. Now to get the next phase of the project up and running so that we can do even more for this generous bunch.

Sally's new book coming out in Aug sounds kind of amazeballs:

Sharp Edges is my fourth book for teenagers. It's about six friends that attend a music festival in the Cedarberg, but only five come back. It's a story about friendship, and being young and in love. It's also about death, and how quickly things can go wrong. It also has a little bit of a murder mystery element to it.

I guess you could say the story was born when I went to a music festival and saw just how fearless young people are, and how hard they can party without any thought for the consequences. It's a great moment in time that I was really interested in capturing, but just like any of my stories, a little bit of darkness managed to creep in.

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