Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cover Reveal: Sharp Edges!

I'm excited about the new novel from SA Partridge - out in a month or so. It sounds like some dark and twisty kind of fun and goodness knows that's the best kind. And this morning she shared the cover:

It is a little every popular, vaguely supernatural, usually international, YA cover ever though, isn't it? I mean, no offense, but I kind of get excited when I see books that don't feature a) headless girl, b) floating girl (in or out of water), c) girl in fluttering, twee dress (usually headless) or d) all of the above. The Sharp Edges cover is obvs a d) so - that happened - but it also kind of fills me with the sads because I know the book has a wide-range of characters, some of which are not as blonde and skinny as this particular headless, floating girl, and it would have been nice to see some of that diversity reflected on the cover of such a well-respected author. It's probably not the sort of thing marketing and/ sales teams are all that interested in but just once, I'd like to see a kick-ass YA novel with a girl on the cover who looks like me and does not live in war-torn village.

Despite my sads, still keen to read the book. I read a bit of it the other day via Short Story Day Africa and it was amazeballs.

Get a sneak peak of the actual story on SSDA's page.

UPDATE: Sally tells me that the cover is actually reflective of that happens in the book. This encourages me greatly and makes me think I need to read this book and then revisit my thoughts on the cover. Also, I love it when authors interact with their fans on social media!

Sally also blogged about the frustrations peeps have with so many YA covers here.

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