Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WITS hosts Fine Lines Festival

I was quite bummed that I won't be able to go to Cape Town for the International Assembly of Independent Publishers meeting but it looks like I'll be representing Modjaji Books on a panel at next week's University of the Witwatersrand Fine Lines Festival so yay for small wins!

Fine Lines aims to bring a unique perspective to contemporary literary debates, in particular through facilitating conversations between established and emerging writers. The name of the festival speaks to the cutting-edge, to the tenuous boundaries between people, between the literary and the real, between artists and between mediums, and to aesthetic and artistic beauty. It is all of this to which the festival aims to give space, allowing students and future writers to engage directly with those already in the literary world.

One of the festival’s sessions will be devoted to South African fiction- entitled ‘Many voices in the deep.’ The session aims to explore the linguistic alternatives in the South African publishing landscape that is dominated by English. The discussion aims to answer the following question; how, if ever, will this landscape be changed in order to accommodate alternative voices?

See y'all on East Campus next week.

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