Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love so actually tastes like strawberries!

Love Tastes Like Strawberries by Rosamund Haden

So what's it about?

Stella stares at the painting on the therapist’s wall. A road winds along a mountainside above an azure sea. The slopes of the mountain are covered in olive trees. Small white boats bob on the shimmering water at the foot of cliffs.

Stella is lost in the painting. She can smell the herbs in the bush, wild thyme and something sweeter. She is running down a steep path to a cove below. On holiday in Greece. Thirteen. Awkward, in between everything ...

Ivor Woodall is dead. And, somehow, it’s all Stella’s fault. Because in Stella’s life the past is still very much alive. Her holiday in Greece. The young art student who charmed his way into her mother’s bed. What she saw that morning on the beach.

It all adds up to Ivor’s death. And Timothy being lost. And Francoise and Luke. Luke being more lost than anyone ...

In a word, it was... Twisty

Love Tastes Like Strawberries is a novel about art, betrayal, addiction, loss, redemption, and – at the centre of it all - love. In fact, much of the book is a meditation on love in its many forms – passionate, complicated, unrequited, enduring, inconvenient and stifling. Several characters’ dreams and lives collide in a weekly life drawing art class in present day Cape Town. But none of them can get away from the nightmares if their pasts – whether they play out during the early days of the Rwandan genocide or on a sensual coming-of-age Greek island holiday. You guys, the cover is so interesting, the book is so great - go read this. Love Tastes Like Strawberries is an unusual treat, a real delight actually, and a great way to lose yourself for an afternoon.

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