Monday, July 9, 2012

Bu Blogs About YABC's Awesomeness... and Why Sex-Lives are Also Awesome

The first meeting of Young Adults Book Club has been a success (photographical evidence included so you know this actually happened and I'm not making this up to make my life seem more exotic.) There was food and WINE, which I have a beautiful love/hate relationship with (the wine, not food), but am willing to swallow the potent, sickly sour grape-juice that’s been sitting in an oak barrel for a hundred years in order to give a false-air of sophistication.

Along with the cupcakes and liquor included some heated debates which ranged from actual YA novels (and even The Di Vinci Code) to the atrocities committed by North Koreans in World War II, although apparently the Japanese and the America’s took the cake for being evil, which is hardly surprising. Also, I picked up some significant lessons from people who are significantly older than I am.

Being the only person born in the vicinity of the 90’s, I picked up some knowledgeable info on what it's like to be a real actual adult:

1) Wine is awesome…drink it. Though not the stuff in the calibur of Four Cousins, because apparently the wrath of that hangover is not even worth it.
2) Jobs suck. Which means I’m shit outta luck, I was hoping high school would be the most hellish 4 years imaginable and then I can finally be a happy, healthy, sane person but clearly that's not going to happen when I have a real actual job.
3) I will have to deal with stupidity for what looks like, the rest of my life. 4)Earning 10 000-15 000 a month is apparently not a large sum of money
5) Sex-lives are also awesome.

I was blind but now I see.

read more of Bu's ramblings about YABC (unite!) and see the pics of our first meeting. yayness!

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