Thursday, July 12, 2012

Faction before Blood: What Would You Choose?

So, while trying to write my review for Insurgent for Day Job, I came across these people who have created a blog dedicated to Amity, the factor of peace and happiness. And of all the factions to dedicate a whole blog to? Team Amity? For reals?

But it did get me thinking: what faction would the people I am friends with choose?

Having taken the quiz on the official Divergent fan page, the natural authority on these things, as I suspected: I'm Dauntless. Yay! I have a feeling that I would have had to transfer though because I also suspect I would have been Erudite-born...

But what about the rest of YABC? Here are my guesses:

Dauntless: Bu, Victoria
Erudite: Zhe, Andre
Candor: Jane
Amity: Ti

That's what I think the aptitude test would have said, anyway but what would you have actually chosen?

Staying on topic: Veronica Roth has a blog and she did a five factions, five days thing. I LOLed.

Happy Divergent reading! (or Insurgent reading for some of you...)

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