Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some SA book blog love:

I found a new SA book blog! This is something I always feel quite pleased about. The more the better, I say. And it's a sign of good things when writing about books, reading books and sharing books moves out of that same old club of lit people who talk back and forth amongst each other all day. (Ok, yes, I'm a hater: I'm basically like the Dan Humphrey to their Nate-Serena-Blaire-Chuck mash ups...) Same reason I think movements like @ReadaBookSA are so exciting.

Anyhow: the blog is called coffee, books and lipgloss and it's written/run by Laurynne from PE. I'm pretty sure it's not the blog for me. While I'm certainly not a hater of the genre by any means, pure romance is not for me (I like a mix of a little love, a little sads, a little thoughtful). I used to read tons of pre-1960 Mills & Boon a few years ago and that was mostly for the lolz but I love that Laurynne totally proved me wrong on my blog tour hypothesis of but a few posts ago. She is doing exactly what I naively thought was not being done so viva book tours, viva!

I'm quite looking forward to seeing how the idea plays out and quite looking forward to seeing other bloggers doing the same thing. Here's the coffee, books and lipgloss book blog tour premise:

Author ~ Meet & Greet

In short it's where any author (old, new or even up and coming) can have a whole post on my blog introducing themselves, sharing with us how it all started or share just about anything relating to them as an author and of course details about their books and where we can get them.

If any authors are interested in taking part in this new feature you can message me on facebook or Goodreads, email me at or you can just go straight to my blog and contact me from there. Please use the subject heading of "Author Meet & Greet"

Don't be afraid to share this with anyone you think may be interested in participating. It's a great way for us to learn about authors we may never have heard of or get to know some of our old favorites even better.

The ONLY requirements is that their genre is romance related. It can be adult, contemporary, paranormal, erotic, YA, fantasy, whatever - as long as they write tales about LOVE :)

I love the energy, I love the design but I wish there was a little less going on because the sheer volume of content and images on the blog make it really hard to properly read and focus on anything. I really like that it seems to run like a business and I especially like that updates seem to happen on the regular - nothing worst that a blog that hasn't been updated since '11. I'm looking forward to seeing how the blog grows and mayhaps nominating it for an SA Blog Award this year?

Fan of romance? You're welcome.

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