Friday, January 18, 2013

I won a BOOK! *dances*

Okay, mayhaps I'm a little too excited but I honestly do not believe there is such a thing when it comes to the prospect of free books. There was a time when I was just ordering books left, right and middle-centre (see what I did there, Jam Alley fans?) from NetGalley because they were free. To be fair, most of the books I got were not all that great because I am a South African blogger and so that means most of the big publishers won't give me their books for free (*tears*). NetGalley did give me the gift of a lifetime though in Tell the Wolves I'm Home because that was hands-down the best book of 2012 for me - YA, NA or adult. But I digress.

Over at The Book Fairy's Haven I wons me John Green's The Fault in Our Stars which I really, really must read already. I've pretty much read all his books and feel like I should blog about this at some point because he is John Green and he's pretty much made of win.

I also won Sarah Dessen's yet to be released new book The Moon and More and to say that I worship at the alter of Dessen doesn't really get to the depths of my love but - I totes do. If I start to go a little cray cray as June 2013 approaches, that is why.

I hear that TFiOS is heavy on the TEABS* and the DNRIP** so I'm excited.

*The End of A Book Sadness
**Do Not Read in Public (i.e. there will be ugly crying)

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