Monday, January 28, 2013

Please be published and available for me to read now? KTHXBYE

There are a lot of 2013 most anticipated book lists going around. It's kind of like the flu. This is not that. For me, there is only one book: this year belongs to Dessen. PW feels much as I do:

"Sarah Dessen’s new novel, The Moon and More (Viking, June), does not ship for several more months. But the lucky audience – largely teen girls and young women – who turned out on January 18 for her event in Pittsburgh was the first to hear Dessen give a sneak preview. “This is the first time I’ve read from this book out loud!” she exclaimed, to the obviously enthusiastic crowd."

Man, do I wish I'd been at that event. Can't wait to read the book.

But I've got to admit, The Shining Girls is looking mighty damn awesome too... I'm strongly considering pre-ordering from those fine folk at the Book Lounge. Here's the blurb:

The Time Traveler's Wife meets The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in this story of a time-traveling serial killer who is impossible to trace--until one of his victims survives.

In Depression-era Chicago, Harper Curtis finds a key to a house that opens on to other times. But it comes at a cost. He has to kill the shining girls: bright young women, burning with potential. He stalks them through their lives across different eras until, in 1989, one of his victims, Kirby Mazrachi, survives and starts hunting him back.

Working with an ex-homicide reporter who is falling for her, Kirby has to unravel an impossible mystery.

The Shining Girls is a masterful twist on the classic serial killer tale: a violent quantum leap featuring a memorable and appealing girl in pursuit of a deadly criminal.

Book Lounge has two pre-order options available: a paperback edition for R162 (retail price R180) or a hardback limited collectors edition for R261 (retail price R290).

The books will be signed by Lauren (winning!), and word on the street is that she is happy to personalise/dedicate the books as required ("To B-dogg from L-dogg"?). In order to qualify for the discount, books must be paid for before the publication date of 15th April

So maybe when payday comes I should treat myself with the paperback edition?

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